Dark Souls impressions

Even though I haven’t bought the game myself, I’ve experienced probably around 30 or so hours of the new RPG Dark Souls. You know, the sequel to what many people consider to be the toughest game ever released on consoles. And with a reputation like that, I just had to give the second game some of my time even though I’ve packed my Xbox 360 and abandoned the console world.

Dark Souls is indeed a challenging game. Sometimes it might be too repetitive for my taste, but that’s only because I am no longer the gamer I used to be. Graphically speaking, Dark Souls is sometimes impressive and sometimes the framerate is suffering pretty bad. But the atmosphere and mood of the game is beyond question. It’s fantastic and it really offers some nice levels and bosses, even though the way of killing them is kind of fun (you stab them from behind). My only real worry about the game is the story and that the animations are non-existing in terms of interaction and conversations, but then again, the game is about death and challenge and not story.

So, is this game really that challenging and difficult? It’s hard to say. It’s definitely significantly harder than most games out there, by far, but I expected it to be a little more difficult. Essentially what makes Dark Souls so difficult is the frustration that arises from repetition. You die perhaps 20-30 minutes in after killing tens and tens of enemies only to spawn all the way back, having to kill all of them again. To me, that’s not really difficulty but rather annoying and an unnecessary road block. Don’t get me wrong, the game may be centered around the same main area, and concepts, but it does offer stern, stern, but fair challenges as well. Like you might get a curse which lowers 50% of your health unless you pay an excessive amount of souls or do a lot of things to get it remove. Now that’s a very interesting concept that makes you think twice before just charging in.

It’s clear that the world that is Dark Souls does not like you as a player. There are traps, ambushes, and cheap enemies in almost every corner. And that’s a nice feeling to have when you are looking for a challenge. The game is definitely out there to punish you. I got a feeling that a lot of players will quit in rage over this game, and again, I think it’s not solely based on the difficulty of the game, but the fact that you have to repeat so much and do so in frustration. But when it comes down to it, nine out of ten times your deaths are fair. But considering how much back you spawn sometimes I can truly understand and feel the players frustration.

So will I give Dark Souls my time? Not a chance. It’s a great game, no doubt, but it’s just not for me anymore. Singleplayer experiences are nothing for me any more. I know for certain that I wouldn’t have the energy to play through multiple deaths over and over again and having to grind the same monsters countless times just to progress for making a minor mistake. But also, that’s a part of the games charm I guess. Maybe the game likes to troll you? Or maybe Asian developers don’t know how to appeal to the western market anymore? Either way, I would encourage those looking for a challenge unlike any other to give Dark Souls a try. Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to player the first game. You will die. I guarantee it.

The infamous giant spiky vagina boss.


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One Response to “Dark Souls impressions”

  1. CrazyBest Says:

    Those wondering, I have only played the game myself for about 10-15 minutes. The rest of the 30+ hours are watching videos and friends.

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