Nexus Prime

I have to admit, the Iphone 4S didn’t impress me that much. But then again, it had one more thing than I expected: Siri. And Siri’s really, really cool. I mean, real cool. But the new Nexus Prime smartphone running on the new and vastly improved Android 4.0 impresses me even more.

With twice the RAM of the Iphone 4S, and faster speeds, along with the new Android 4.0 packed in with 4G and NFC technology, it offers way more things than the Iphone 4S does. And this has got me thinking: should I get an Iphone 4S or the new Nexus Prime? I’ve been loyal to Apple ever since I first saw the Iphone. My first and only smartphone thus far has been an Iphone. Android never really impressed me until now. NFC is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

I will do some research about the new and hot Nexus Prime. And wait for the reviews, of course. After that, we’ll see. But the battle has begun and for the first time ever I think that Iphone has a real challenger.

Is this my next phone?


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