Activision responds to EA

EA are behind Battlefield 3. Activision are behind Modern Warfare 3. You know, the two giant behemoths that will battle for your money and time this fall. In a Battlefield 3 trailer we could see that the game goes “above and beyond the call”, obviously delivering a blow to Activision and MW3.

Has Activision responded? You bet. In style, too. In the United Kingdom, the largest market in Europe, you can buy Modern Warfare 3 for only 99 pence (cents) which is roughly about $1.50 (~$58.50 cheaper than BF3) if you trade in your copy of Battlefield 3. Haha! Freakin’ nice move Activision, didn’t expect it to be this classy. Surely this will boost sales tremendously.

What do you think? How can EA counter this amazingly fun offer meant solely to piss EA off? Can they start selling Battlefield 3 for $0.99 or £0.99 for a few limited hours or so on launch? We’ll see. The ball’s in EA’s court.


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3 Responses to “Activision responds to EA”

  1. CrazyBest Says:

    Obviously this has to do with the retailer, and not Activision directly. It’s GameStop UK’s decision.

    Also, this will most likely boost EA sales as it offers gamers a guilt-free opportunity to purchase Battlefield 3 and then trade it in for MW3 should they not like it.

    All in all, I think this actually boosts BF3 sales. But still, a fun thing to post about. 🙂

    But in the long run, it could actually damage Battlefield 3 in terms of that the players who jump over on the £0.99 train will buy DLC from MW3 now instead, and they will promote the game to their friends and it will sell more in that sense. Real interesting situation. I want to see what EA does to this.

  2. Marie Embro (@murrrrre) Says:

    Jag vill testa Battelfield 3 😀

  3. Jocuri Says:


    […]Activision responds to EA « Crazy Best's Log[…]…

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