Georges St-Pierre Injured

GSP has been injured and is now out of the main card on UFC 137. Too bad. This event turned from fantastic to decent.

First it was planned to be Diaz vs. GSP. A dream match. That didn’t happen because Diaz didn’t play ball with UFC and promoted the fight. Then Condit got moved up from the BJ Penn fight and Diaz was sent down to BJ Penn. Still fairly interesting, but not nearly enough as the other one. Now GSP is injured and is out and Condit won’t fight either.

Though I like the match-up of Diaz vs. Penn, the most exciting one for me will most likely be Dennis Siver vs. Donald Cerrone. It seems that UFC are extremely reluctant to give Siver a title shot, which he in my eyes, deserves more than anybody in the lightweight division. Especially if he wins next week.

Despite all the cancellations and mix ups, I will, of course, still watch UFC 137 and blog about any interesting things that occur.

“Aw, man, things just got fucked up…”


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One Response to “Georges St-Pierre Injured”

  1. Marie Embro (@murrrrre) Says:

    Jag som ville kolla på den 😦

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