Blizzcon 2011

AWHATUP, readers?! If you aren’t at Blizzcon, fear not. I got you covered. I will post all major updates here close to LIVE.

Prior to updating I expect: Diablo III release date announcement to be February 14. And also Heart of Swarm release date and on top off that to finish it all a fourth World of Warcraft expansion featuring pandas. We’ll know in just matter of hours.

Update #1:

  • World of Warcraft launching in Brazil. Who cares?
  • A lot of charity info. $2.7 million donated to Make a Wish and Tsunami victims. How charitable of Blizzard.
  • Some fun jokes about the prize money in tournaments and esports. Even enough to attract a Kardashian. Nice one, Mike!
  • There will be “a lot” of Starcraft II things happening at Blizzcon this year.

Update #2:

  • Diablo 3 time baby!
  • They showed the Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition: art book, diablo 3 usb drive, blu-ray behind scenes, items for SC2/WoW/D3, soundtrack, Diablo 3 head statue
  • If you buy World of Warcraft annual pass you will get Diablo 3 for FREE OF CHARGE
  • Annual pass also grants you 100% guarantee access to next beta!

Update #3:

  • New World of Warcraft expansion CONFIRMED! More info soon!
  • Diablo 3 release date… when it’s ready… which is “soon” apparently…. Shitsux?
  • New Diablo 3 cinematic “The Black Soul Stone”.

Update #4

  • Starcraft players, where you at?
  • Heart of the Swarm kicking ass, apparently.
  • Blizzard’s Starcraft II Dota mod is shown.
  • Key characters from Warcraft and Starcraft in Dota such as Thrall and Arthas and Queen of Blades.

Update #5

  • New World of Warcraft expansion will be shown in “just a few minutes”!!
  • True villain of World of WArcraft new expansion is: war itself.
  • War is coming…
  • The new expansion is: PANDAS
  • New race: Pandaren
  • New class: Monk
  • New contient: Pandaria

And that sums it all up. Thanks for following me!

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