New Xbox, New Windows Leaked

There’s been a massive leak at Microsoft. Naturally this leak will not be confirmed and simply referred to as “speculation” and “rumors” by Microsoft, and if that’s the case, it’s a very well-crafted fan project. It shows us some nice plans for Windows 9 that’s coming out 2014 and the new Xbox Loop that’s coming out 2013.  There also seems to be plans for Windows Phone 8 for next year, which is something we’ve heard about long ago. The list looks very nice and as you can see Microsoft seems to stay true to their new motto of releasing a new Windows OS every two years.

See for yourself:

CES 2012
Win8 + WinStore beta
Tango1 launch

MWC 2012
Tango2 SDK

MIX 2012
Win8 RC
<ONM> beta
Tango2 launch + Apollo announce
Kinect commercial SDK

E3 2012
Xbox SDK, 3G Kinect games announce
Apollo SDK
Win8 RTM

Aug 2012
Win8, <ONM>, WP8, Xbox Store launch

Build 2012
XAML+XDE platform
Win8 PU DP
<OSN> announce

CES 2013
Win8 PU Beta

MWC 2013
Apollo+1 teaser

MIX 2013
HTML platform (IE11)
Win8 PU RC
<OSN> Beta
Apollo+1 SDK

E3 2013
Xbox”loop” announce

Build 2013
Win9 DP
Xbox”loop” launch

CES 2014
Win9 Beta

MWC 2014
WPN teaser

MIX 2014
Win9 RC
Kinect SDK update

E3 2014
Kinect HP2 announce
Xbox PU announce

Build 2014
Win9 RTM (IE12)
Xbox PU preview

Nov 2014
Win9, Win9M, Kinect HP2 launch

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