Expendables 2

Expendables 2 looks to be what I expected from Expendables. Sure, it was a good movie, but it just lacked that Arnold magic that I had hoped for. But this new cast list is just too impressive to not fall in love with.

Looking at the cast, it’s hard to not get impressed. Norris, Stallone, Van Damme, Schwarzenegger, Willis, Statham, Li, Lundgren, Crews, and Couture. Wow? WOW!

The additions of Van Damme and Chuck Norris are golden. The only two people missing from the first one. Here’s hoping Expendables 2 will be magical.

Van Damme bulking up for his upcoming role in Expendables 2.


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One Response to “Expendables 2”

  1. murres Says:

    vill gärna se den 🙂

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