In Time

In Time. It was my most anticipated movie of the year after I heard about the story. You know how they that time’s money? Well, the case couldn’t more true here. It literally is.

In Time shows us a futuristic society where you spend time instead of money. Time gets you everything. Even life. The rich go on and live forever, whilst the poor die whenever they run out of time. It’s the same for everybody. They get to live to 25 years of age. Then their biological aging process stops and their time clock begins. They get a year. Once that year passes and they don’t add more time, they die.

I won’t go into more details than that, because I’d consider it to be a spoiler. But let me say that this movie was brilliant through and through and I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted more. I craved more. The unique concept and story makes this film extraordinary. I definitely hope there’ll be a sequel. And this is one movie I’m picking up on Blu-ray immediately.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Brilliant concept and story. Unlike anything I’ve seen.


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One Response to “In Time”

  1. murres Says:

    It was a really good movie. I can really recommend this one who hasn’t seen it 😀

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