The Old Republic Beta Incoming

This weekend (I hope) I’ll get to try out Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) before release in the final beta testing phase. It’s a massive test (otherwise I wouldn’t be in it) to test the servers capacities. In other words, a stress test.

I’m very excited about this as I’ve been eagerly waiting for a new MMO for five years to dive into and SWTOR seems to be the ideal one. Naturally I will also be picking up Guild Wars 2 next year, but that’s so far off that I am not focusing on it yet.

Since I believe there’s an NDA still in effect, I won’t be able to share videos or pictures, but expect to have some general impressions from my testing and this will be the ultimate decider whether I cancel my pre-order or if I keep it. My impressions should be up approximately 48 hours after testing or if the NDA is lifted, live updates throughout.

I’ll play every single class from both factions in the beta. Like a boss.


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