I’m having fun as a Saint

I got my hands on a copy of Saints Row: The Third  and I never did like the first one as it felt outdated. The second one was more enjoyable but it still was lacking. The third one however, feels great. And hilarious.

Right off the bat I am thrown into one of the most memorable missions in history of gaming. A fantastic and entertaining heist. I won’t spoil more. But this game is extreme in humor, action, and comedy. Also sexual themes. Yes, this is a complete game in my eyes now.

I will spend more time as a Saint. I’ve spent  a little under three hours already and those three hours offered me more laughter and enjoyment than 25 hours of GTA IV managed to do and that says a lot in my opinion. If you take life too serious, this game isn’t for you. But if you are like me, and enjoy a good laugh and some mayhem, check it out. I’ll upload a clip on YouTube of me playing later.

The Saints do it in style this time. Well, their own style, at least.


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