It was better before

No, I’m not referring to the 50:s or 60:s. Nor am I referring to the older times such as the Renaissance or even farther back. Even though certain things were better back then, that’s a completely different discussion for a different time. No, I am talking about when I was around 15-years-old. Those days.

I remember when I used to be a little a teenager. When school didn’t really matter as long as you got accepted to the high school you wanted to based on your already finished grades. When missing a few classes was of no consequence. When you had over three months of summer vacation. When you had a week and a half long vacation every other month. When you didn’t work. Yeah, those simpler times.

Back then, spending ten hours per day on videogames wasn’t hard. It was easy. There was nothing else to do when you were around 14-15. Videogames were your religion. All your friends were playing them. You were. Yes, indeed. Especially in Sweden, when you only have like two months to be outside in the sun playing soccer or basketball, videogames take a lot of time. Especially from like October – April. The cold and dark period.

How I would love to rewind the time and just go back to those days. When your parents did everything for you. Basically, it was like being an infant. Now there are expectations and responsibilities you must follow. You have a tight schedule that must be followed, important exams and assignments that must be handed in and work that needs to be done because you have to pay rent or other expenses. Yeah, life is more complicated as an adult.

What about you, would you like going back to being somewhere around 13-15 for a while? Or do you prefer adult life with responsibility and work? I don’t know myself. It’d be fun to try it for a while, but completely resetting time and restart at 13? Oh, tough question.

A young gamer.


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