The next Xbox concept pictures leaked?

Here are rumored leaked pictures of the next generation Xbox, or as it’s called “Xbox 720”, unofficially, of course. Another rumor is that it’s going to be called Prestige going by the Code Name of Loop. What are you thoughts and ideas? I kind of like the design, although it ain’t nothing special.

Oh, other rumors include: 2 tb harddrive, no optical drive. Crazy stuff. I don’t believe that for a second.


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8 Responses to “The next Xbox concept pictures leaked?”

  1. Eric Says:

    Sound like TiVo…GaVo perhaps?

    I like the design. It takes from the 360 so the symbol of the whole console is recognizable. It’s odd for it to not have an optical. Probably the first one to do that. If that’s the case, does that mean they’s going to sell game cards to redeem online for the game or DRM USB stick?

    Though one flaw I do noticed if the dimensions are approximate to the 360. Remember all those heating issues? Well consoles still have heating issues due to their passive heat sinks. Nice of them to make it compacts but long term gaming isn’t really feasible on just passive heat sinks. By release, I hope they figure it out.

    Maybe they should call it the Xbox Mobius?

    P.S. Not a console player.

    • CrazyBest Says:

      Yeah, selling codes for downloads would be the logical step for that console. It has even been rumored that GTA V will be digital only. But I believe it’s too soon for a digital console age. Maybe in the next one.

      • Eric Says:

        It would be environmentally friendly. But breaking it down, it’s a purchase of a small business card at 40-70 dollars with a game code written on it. Would you pay for something so extravagant? I would only if it also can detect radiation and airborne toxins and chemicals that may kill me…and it has to be resistant to shockwaves and nuclear sized doom (maybe waterproof since I do need coasters).

      • khromov Says:

        Cloud gaming might be approaching from a place we don’t expect. Have you tried the Onlive service? Instant access to games via a cheap box connected to a television or from any computer.

        Right now there’s a huge latency issue since all their servers are in the US, but if they can fulfill their dream of having a server in every major city things could be different.

      • Eric Says:

        Looked at it, it’s like Blockbuster but online and with lag. It’s a neat idea of cloud gaming but rentals are seems like a small step back to it. Also there are other cloud gaming services out there beside Onlive. Buy a game, make an account, go anywhere to play the game.

        Onlive is making a name for itself, but would it be a name we will revere or regret? Only time will tell.

  2. khromov Says:

    With the PS3 inflating game-sizes up to the 40-50GB mark with hi-res texture goodness while broadband speeds across the US are still lacking I find “no optical drive” hard to believe. However, if Microsoft decides to stick with DVD for another generation they’re in for loads of problems.

    Wouldn’t be implausible that Microsoft goes with DVD for another generation and offers higher textures as a premium service on Xbox Live, but no optical drive? No way. The only reason PSP Vita gets away with it is the games are generally <1GB in size as compared to at least ~8-12 for a 360 game.

    • CrazyBest Says:

      Precisely. It’s way too soon for it. It wouldn’t stick in most countries. Only in South Korea, Japan, and Sweden.

    • Eric Says:

      If anything the logical step would be either the world giving away free Internet so we can download this stuff (Freedom of Information is your constitutional right, you know). If not, then USB game cartridges. Going back to the whole vintage idea of the cartridge, but this time in a USB stick.

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