Too many hours with The Old Republic

I’ve now spent too many hours playing the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta. Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t encounter any crashes whatsoever or server difficulties, and I’m very glad about that. But enough of my technical experience, what did I think about the game?

It’s sort of what I expected. I am definitely buying it, and will be playing on pre-access. I was happy with the beta, although some aspects disappointed me and some did not, as expected. Read below to find them out.

The first story-driven MMO, but too much story?

BioWare are bragging with how this is the first true story-driven MMO with great voice-acting and story behind these quests. And they’re telling you the truth. There’s a cutscene between every single quest you take, even those kill 10 rats ones. For the main storyline I found this to be extremely cool. It actually made me want to listen to the story and get more involved. But for those side quests when I’m supposed to “kill ten rats” it just felt too much. But, I’m not going to complain in the long run, it works because of the choices I get to make during those quests earning dark/light side points and when you put all these elements together, The Old Republic had the best starter zones that I have ever experienced in an MMO. BioWare were telling the truth.

Worst map in history of video games.

The map is horrible, in fact, I don’t see how they could’ve implemented it. I am used to World of Warcraft’s flawless map. You open it up, it shows your zone. You right-click, it unzooms. You can unzoom to see the entire world and see where your friends are on it. Brilliant, simple, and essential. In The Old Republic, it doesn’t work this way. It’s pure shit. You can zoom out by right-clicking. Nor can you see where your friends are on the entire map. Now, I don’t know if this applies to the beta only, but I certainly hope it does.

Fully voiced.

I cannot stress how essential a fully voiced MMO has become to me after playing this game. Games without it, are complete shit to me now. It is one of the sole reasons as to why I skip reading quests and just accept them. Now, with great voice acting, BioWare has changed that. Thank you. I hope every single MMO in the future does the same.

World of Warcraft, in Star Wars, without Blizzard’s magical touch

Now, I am used to Blizzard quality. That means AAA and not a single letter less. Quality and polish beyond perfection in every aspect. That’s what I’ve grown up with. That’s my standard in computer games. So, it’s no shocker here to me that BioWare fails to deliver an experience like Blizzard in terms of gameplay and polish. It does lack in some aspects, and some it does better than WoW did when I played it. But the bottom line is that no one will ever make a game like Blizzard, so it’s quite pointless to argue for it. Instead, just embrace change and the different parts and try to make the best of the situation. The Old Republic’s gameplay is in no way bad, but it’s far from revolutionary and masterful. Like the title says, it’s World of Warcraft with slightly faster combat and longer global cooldowns in Star Wars universe. Whether that’s bad or good, that’s up for you to decide.


Star Wars: The Old Republic was exactly what I expected. I had fun in the beta, and I am certain I will have fun raiding with my guild and disappearing into the vast universe that is Star Wars. I look forward to hundreds of hours of adventures and killing Siths and epic bosses while doing a lot of fetching quests. Hey, it’s an MMO after all, right? Would I recommend it? Absolutely. If you like WoW, you’ll like this one as well. No doubt. It’s a perfect game to have while preparing for either Guild Wars 2 or Diablo 3.

As a Trooper Vanguard, I will destroy the Sith Empire once and for all… or will I?


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One Response to “Too many hours with The Old Republic”

  1. Alex Says:

    For the Republic! *kicks a sith in the groin*

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