Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan

I am a huge Star Wars fanatic. And The Old Republic is probably the most fascinating time of the Star Wars universe with legends such as Malak, Revan, and Bane lurking around along with the hidden Sith Empire and tons of wars and characters that are fascinating.

I just finished Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan novel and I must say that it’s the best book I’ve ever read and it, of course, means that it’s also the best Star Wars book out there. I’ve now read five Star Wars books and I have no plans to stop. But let’s get back to the Revan novel.

Now, this will most likely be massive spoiler if you haven’t played KOTOR. It takes place after Revan has destroyed Malak and the Sith are thought to be extinct. It follows his path as he tries to recover some of his lost memories and who he was before, many years ago.

This book is a very complete one. It offers action, excitement, and emotion. It had a few touchy scenes that made my eyes tear up. It was that well-written.  Since I don’t want to spoil anything from the book, I’ll just leave it at that. If you are in any way a Star Wars fan and liked the Knights of the Old Republic games, you’ll love this book. Drew Karpyshyn has outdone himself once more and I hope he’ll deliver many more Star Wars books in the future.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Revan – a fascinating character.


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