I play some Dota 2 beta

I always did enjoy the Dota mod for Warcraft III. In fact, I enjoyed far more than I actually enjoyed the game itself. Dota has since gone into a massive frenzy in forms of copies. We have some creators that left and created Heroes of Newerth and another bunch League of Legends. And then we have the rest that got employed by Valve to create Dota 2.

I like Valve. A lot. They’re my second favorite company in the world. And apparently they like me as well. Because I got an invitation to the closed beta of Dota 2. And that makes me a happy panda. I’ve now spent several hours gaming it and can deliver my impressions.

The first thing that strikes me that this is Dota. No, not Dota as in gameplay, but this is actually identical to Dota. Sure, there are new names/designs on some characters and the graphics are upgraded. But other than that, it feels EXACTLY like the first game and almost looks identical as well. It did under no circumstances feel like Dota 2, more like Dota 1.5 at its best due to the amazing esport features added such as spectator mode and whatnot.

Gameplay-wise, it’s tight and nice. It felt good, just like Dota did back in the WC3 days. I maybe don’t like the new shopping system that much, but I am certain I will get used to it. Other than that it’s really hard to talk about this game as it’s almost the same as before. You can finally play with bots to practice, although they are significantly better than most games you will find so that won’t help much. And I can tell this is a beta and will be so for a long time, I wouldn’t count on “early 2012” as many people seem to think.

One thing is certain, this is under no circumstances a €59.99 game. It feels like Dota 1.5 and should be priced at €29.99 in my opinion. Valve are usually fair when it comes those things and it remains to be seen whether or not that’ll be the case. Because the people I’ve spoken to feel the same as me. This game does truly not feel like a Dota 2. There’s just not enough new gameplay mechanics, just additional features and graphics bumps that easily could have been patched and thus I will hold my stand that this is more Dota 1.5 than 2.

Who’s your hero?



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