Part 2: Star Wars – The Old Republic

I’ve now doubled my time in The Old Republic and life is hard for a Trooper. A lot of people need saving in this war and the Empire keeps on trying to rule the galaxy. But not on my watch. Not on my watch.

One important factor to mention is that I’ve experienced no lag or disconnects or server problems whatsoever. It’s been a whole week now since I started playing through early access, and I am thrilled that I haven’t encountered any technical difficulties as much MMO’s suffer from. Sure, there are queues, but that’s to be expected.


I am all about Player versus Player. PvP is more or less why I play. And to get fat epic loot from fat epic bosses. But, it’s mostly for PvP in the end. We’re given three warzones right from start with the promise of “more are coming” and some world PvP events that I have not yet seen. It’s hard to pick a favorite Warzone but Huttball is definitely at the bottom the list at the moment. It was a great idea and all, but I just think it could have been done slightly differently to be better. Alderaan is a “king of the hill” based type of warzone where there are three turrets to take and the team with the most for the longest period of time wins. Classic, and it works. The third one is Voidstar where one team defends and the other attacks. Once one team reaches the end (or fails) it ends and the teams are switched. At first I didn’t like it that much, but it’s growing on me. Warzones are scaled so that level 10 – 50 play together on fair terms. Well, “fair” because the level 50 will have more skills to use, but health-wise and armor-wise they are scaled to balance. Which means that there are virtually no queues to join a PvP match. Fabulous. Unless you get stuck with seven other level 10 and your opposing team has 30+. Hae hae.


The amount of quests in this game is insane. I remember back in my World of Warcraft days I always finished all the quests way too soon and had to grind like some Korean zombie for a few hours to continue to the next area. In Star Wars, that’s never the case. In fact, I always end up having a quest or two to spare when I leave a planet if I feel like it. Add to this that I am still working on my main story over 80 hours in to the game. Needless to say, there’s a lot of content for the story-hungry players and those who simply love questing. 95% of all the quests can be done solo. Then the are Heroic quests that require either 2 or 4 players in a group.

Crafting/Crew skills

In Star Wars, crafting has never been this fun. Instead of having to go farm for the materials yourself and waste time, you can send multiple companions to do it. This way you not only save time and reduce grinding, you get to continue PvP:ing, questing, or what it is you want to do instead. As good as this sounds though, it’s not perfect. Your companions cost credits to send out and believe me, once you start reaching a high level of crew skills, this will be very costly. You’ll need to sell your items in the auction house to make up for the losses of sending your companions out to gather items. This only applies to gathering and not crafting, so it’s not all bad, but it’s not perfect yet.

Other than that, there are only small minor bugs. Some persistent that need to be fixed ASAP such as the guild roster bug that comes and goes and the key binding one. But these are very minor and do not take away from the experience at all, but once max level is reached they’ll need to be fixed. The story for each class is really for each class and varies and reaches very high levels, like I said, I’ve yet to finish mine. Which means that replay value is wicked high. The estimated number of over 800 hours for all characters stories seems to be extremely accurate. However, keep in mind that that includes tons of side quests due to the level curve, but still, it’s very nice and better than any other MMO has to date. I truly feel like a Trooper and not a Jedi, and I know my Smuggler friend, based on what he told me, has a completely different experience story-wise.

Safe to say, I am very happy with my purchase thus far. A great MMO with the best story. But is that really fair to say? I wouldn’t say there has been an MMO with a story before. At least one that anybody has bothered to follow or listen to. The fully voiced truly makes a tremendous difference and it feels great. I actually started to feel bad after some dark side decisions I made against some nice people. Powerful stuff. But it’s all about the credits, right? I’ll continue my pursuit of level 50 and will report back in at around level 45 if there are new things to report on.

Smuggler – The class that will die out first and be the least played one in SWTOR history.


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