Best of 2011

Unfortunately I won’t have time to do a thorough and long Best of the Year award post for 2011, so I have decided to very briefly announce my winners of Movie of the Year and Game of the Year.

Movie of the Year: In Time

Insanely close runner-up: Limitless

The very second I saw the first five seconds of the trailer I knew this was a special movie and immediately stopped watching the trailer. I wanted to save every other second of this movie for the theater. It immediately became my most anticipated movie of the year as well. With the most unique and interesting concept of a movie that I’ve ever seen, where time is the currency for everything – including life. I don’t want to spoil anything else as I consider everything you say about movies more or less to be spoiler. So I’ll end it right there. But trust me. This is handsdown the best and most interesting movie of the year.

Game of the Year: Star Wars: The Old Republic

It has been over six years since I played a game as much as Star Wars: The Old Republic. MMORPG:s seem to be my genre without a doubt. I’ve clocked in more hours in SWTOR in two weeks than I did in two months in Battlefield 3. And that says pretty much everything.  The Old Republic is by far the most fascinating time and place in the world. Never before have I been this engaged in a storyline. I am all about The Old Republic now and I am not even thinking about other fantastic games that got delayed from 2011 such as Diablo III. In fact, I might not even pick it up on launch day anymore. There’s just too much to do in SWTOR and it will only get better and better as BioWare will be releasing a major PvP patch in January to fix all the flaws. Fantastic. Needless to say, expect me to play countless more hours of Star Wars in 2012.

Book of the Year: Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan

It was released roughly one month before the game. It was a perfect prequel taking place around 300 years before the game. And boy, not only does this novel have brilliant storytelling, emotional moments, and excitement, but it’s perfectly connected to the game in such a way that made me jump out of my chair and scream in excitement when I was playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Brilliantly done BioWare and Drew Karpyshyn. Definitely the best book of the year in my eyes.

TV Show of the Year: Breaking Bad (Season 4)

I rarely praise a show for being beyond human. Beyond something that we deserve and can comprehend. But Breaking Bad season 4 is one of those shows that makes me thankful for having such brilliant writers and actors. It has become my all-time favorite TV show now surpassing legends such as 24 and Lost. I hope that Breaking Bad will continue to run in the same brilliant manner for at least two more season at least. If you haven’t given Breaking Bad a go, you definitely should. And do it legit. They deserve your support and encouragement. As soon as it comes out on Blu-ray I will pick those babies up.

There you have my list of best movie, show, book, and game of 2011. What’s on your list?


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