City’s board impresses

The Tevez joke continues to fly around the press. Milan, Inter and PSG have all failed to sign him. City’s board will not sell him for a low price just to get rid off him. And that’s great. Also, they’ve fined him six weeks of wages.

Carlos Tevez is a joke. A big loser and a joke. The most unprofessional and retarded person I’ve seen. He is an embarrassment to soccer. But that’s an entirely different topic that I could write many books about.

Many thought City would sell Tevez for a fraction of his cost to get rid of him as he has caused massive problems and disrespected them and soccer. But they have said now and shown it, that unless they get a satisfactory offer, he will warm the bench for two more seasons. And that’s great to hear.

I hope they don’t sell him. I hope he plays for the reserve team every week for two years. That’s what he deserves. I’m really glad to see the board of City to man up and not allow players to run rampant.

To me it’s unbelievable how a player with a salary like that can be so unprofessional. Beyond comprehension. Beyond.

Do you support Tevez’s actions or are you behind soccer and City?

An embarassment to the sport. Truly unworthy of his gift.

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One Response to “City’s board impresses”

  1. AbstractUnknownBoy Says:

    Nice post. If you’re interested I’ve written a little bit about Tevez as well.

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