UFC on FOX 2

It’s fight day! And you know what that means, my regular analysis of the main card is due. So let’s waste no more time and get straight to business

Phil Davis vs. Rashad Evans

This match-up is either very interesting or very boring. Two professional wrestlers whereas one has brilliant striking, Rashad. I think that Rashad will out-wrestle and out-box Davis and will either TKO him in the very first round or it’ll be a grindfest for a decision victory for him. Also, this is a number one contender match. The winner will get to fight Jon Jones.

Michael Bisping vs. Chael Sonnen

The most entertaining and hilarious man in the UFC, Chael Sonnen is fighting. I love this guy. He is by far my favorite in the sport and I hope and think he’ll breeze through Bisping just like he did with Stann. I expect Sonnen to take Bisping down for some ground-n-pound until the ref steps in to stop the fight. I think Chael does this in round two when Bisping is exhausted. Also here, this is number on contenders match where the winner gets to fight Anderson Silva for the belt in Brazil in the summer.

Demian Maia vs. Chris Weidman

Maia has improved and grown since his loss to Silva. He is climbing the rankings once more and I expect him to outplay Weidman who took this fight on short notice. It’s tough to say as we don’t know how well-prepared and fit Weidman is, but he could very well shock the world, although highly unlikely. Submission my rear-naked choke in the first round for Maia.

What are your predictions for UFC on FOX 2?

The People’s Champion, Chael!


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