A few hours with Tera

After two months of MMO goodness with Star Wars: The Old Republic, a new challenger rises up to try and devour my life in the MMO scene.

This time it’s the Korean game Tera with focus on true action combat and beautiful graphics that make Star Wars: The Old Republic look like a ten year old game. My expectations for Tera were relatively high while low at the same time. I know I won’t be as immersed in Tera’s story as I am in Star Wars, but I also know that Tera will have far superior gameplay mechanics and depth, but then it will be adapted heavily for Korean gamers.

I’ve now spent several hours questing, leveling and PvP:ing to give you my initial impressions below.

Stunning, artistic, and magical world. The world that is Tera is magical. It’s full of life, color, rainbows, and cheerful bird chatter. The graphics are beyond any other MMO that I’ve seen and it’s just amazing to disappear into it. The character detail is also very impressive. The only thing I am extremely mad about is the European censorship on the female sexes.That’s a deal-breaker for sure for me. I do not support inferior versions at all.

Advanced, fast, technical, and skillful combat depth. If you think Star Wars or World of Warcraft requires lots of skill and technique. You’re either 12 years-old or a retard. Tera requires you to think ahead and come in with a gameplay for PvP and to have decent aim as well. This is indeed true action combat and there is no homing missiles for ranged characters or melee. If you swing and the other player moves out of the way quick enough, you miss. It’s an amazing change to the genre and it adds so much incredible depth and realism that I just cannot help myself from getting immersed. How will end level PvP be with this amazing mechanics? Only godlike, I think.

Primitive, stupid, unintuitive menus. It’s a Korean product for sure. This you see immediately. The menus and the UI are horrible. Examples? Your inventory closes if you accidentally move your character. The UI scale is random (even though you can scale it back as you see fit) and the targeting system for NPC:s and other friendly players is unnecessarily complicated. I do realize it’s this way to make it more like “true action combat” for there is no reason for it to be like that outside PvP and PvE.

Zero immersion in quests, insane grind. This was easily predicted. Any MMO without FULLY voiced quests is now sub-par. It’s really simple as that. The Old Republic has made that a standard. I couldn’t give a shit about any of the quests I did and most of the them I was running around lost because of it. “Am I suppose to kill these guys?” “Why? Oh yeah, it doesn’t matter.” The only good thing about the quests are that the enemies you are supposed to kill are marked with a yellow “!”. Other than that the map is confusing and poorly constructed and does not work well with the mini map which is usually off by several meters. The quest are also ridiculous in terms of grinding. Kill this enemy four times. Now kill him again six times. Now eight. Rinse and repeat 99.99% of the time.

Sexy and sensual all the way. It’s obvious Tera’s target audience are male gamers. Pretty much all humanoid all females are insanely sexy and do everything sensually to appease the male eye. Even guys who get off on very young girls will get their fix here, although it’s significantly more censored than the version in Korea where they can strip down to bare brah and panties and they show more ass and breasts. Despite the censorship, you can still get a decent glimpse with your imagination. However, censorship in all forms is a pure cancer and I will never support it.


Tera will deliver on the hot fantasy girl fantasy. Tera will deliver on challenging raid bosses and advanced gameplay mechanics. Tera will fail on immersion on quest and leveling (unless you love mindless zombie grinding like Koreans) and it will most likely never reach above one million active subscribers ever (unless my calculations for elf fetishes is completely off). Tera will deliver on return on investment. I mean this game has one year polish and content added after the Korean release. And that’s A LOT. This game will no doubt devour all of your spare time if you let it. Only the select few hardcore players will play this game once it hits release and the casual gamers will immediately quit in frustration. This game is under no circumstance for the average western gamer. The question to ask yourself is: does the pros outweigh the cons for you? I spent the entire game with my friend and we had a good time. Real good. Even though the game did have many frustrating mechanics that we normally wouldn’t enjoy, but since we had co-op, it was nice.

My Warrior character in Tera. She’s hot. Super hot. Super duper hot. Yeah.


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