Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I just can’t seem to get enough of  Star Wars. Well, it’s no surprise really, as Star Wars to me is the most interesting universe which also happens to have the most fascinating story and characters.

I recently started watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars because of my enjoying Star Wars: The Old Republic video game so much, and it turned out to be a good move. Two seasons in, I can’t get enough. The TV show surpasses the prequel trilogy in every way and adds depth and detail into the Star Wars universe that simply cannot be missed.

The Clone Wars is a massive historical event in the Star Wars universe. A war that spans over several years and has numerous epic battles and moments. Moments that are almost all covered in the TV show along with some great humor and new characters that weren’t in the movies. Needless to say, if you like Star Wars, you’ll love this show. It’s a perfect blend of comedy and action animated beautifully (especially in HD) and it delivers. On every point. Like I said, I can’t stop watching it. The first season flew by instantly it felt like.

The focus lies on Anakin and Obi-wan while they help the Republic to fight the droid army with the Clones. There are currently four seasons with over 24 episodes each so there is a lot of content to digest and there is yet another season coming later this year and I hope that there’ll be another one after that. Do yourself a personal favor and get Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It’s worth it.

Questionable design, but ultimately, you’ll grow to like it. Especially if you see it in HD, the world comes alive beautifully.


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