UFC 144

UFC returns to Japan for the first time since December 2000 with a packed and stacked main even card that simply cannot be missed by any MMA fans. UFC 144 looks to be a historical event.

Champion Frankie Edgar vs. Ben Henderson

I honestly can’t wait for this fight. I am certain it’ll be fast and explosive. And full of “Holy shit!” moment as always with Ben Henderson. He is a true fighter and entertainment at highest level. It’s a tough fight to call and I won’t be placing any bets on it, but I hope that Henderson clinches the belt from Frankie.

Ryan Bader vs. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

I partied with Rampage at the Chateau Nightclub in Vegas last year, and he’s a nice and fun guy. But he’s also a powerhouse in terms of one-punch knocking power and that’s exactly what he’ll look into doing to Bader. Bader will try to make this some sort of cuddle fest on the ground. It’s either a quick and devastating KO by Rampage or a grinding decision victory for Bader. I hope it turns out to be the first. Rampage by KO.

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Jake Shields

Jake Shields hasn’t had much success in the UFC. His first victory wasn’t really a victory in many people’s eyes. His title fight was a humiliating defeat and then a KO loss. But despite all this the kid has got some skills. Akiyama is looking to win in spectacular fashion and both fighters are in desperate need of winning in order to maintain their contracts. It’s a very tough fight to call and Akiyama has delivered several fight of the night performances and I think this one might very well be another. Insanely hard fight to call. I hope Akiyama wins though, but it could go either way.

Tim Boetsch vs. Yushin Okami

Chael Sonnen’s trainee Okami takes on Boetsch in what I think will be a relatively one-sided fight unless we’re in for a upsetting turn of events. After his Silva fight I am sure he has grown a lot and worked on his wrestling. I hope  Okami takes this.

Also on the main card is Cheick Kongo fighting Mark Hunt and then another very interesting fight Anthony Pettis versus Joe Lauzon.  And let’s not forget the Hatsu Hioki and Bart Palaszewski fight which might very well end up to surprise people as the fight of the night.

What are your thoughts and expectations for UFC 144?

One of the most promising UFC main cards ever.


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