Mass Effect 3 Demo

It’s time for the third installment of Mass Effect to come out. I’ve played the first two games, and I’ve even read one of the Mass Effect books. Needless to say, I know the universe quite well. My expectations for the third installment however, weren’t that high, and I’m sad to say that BioWare has let me down.

The graphics are complicated. At points in the cutscene sequences they’re gorgeous and well-animated. Occasionally you spot a low-resolution texture here and there, and it gets annoying, but you can get past that. What I can’t get past was the stale running in-game and combat. At least for Captain Anderson. Is this how the entire game will be or just the early version of the demo? I don’t know. But it’s not looking too good.

More action, less role-play? It certainly feels this way. It’s quite obvious what game has been an inspiration for Mass Effect 3 and it’s the wrong one. Instead of becoming more action-orientated Mass Effect should be heading in the opposite direction: story and depth. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I’ll admit though, that seeing the planet being devastated by the Reapers was rather epic, and gave me a good glimpse of what might happen in the latter part of the game, it just felt expected because of the warnings in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

Gameplay-wise the game’s number one flaw remains: ammunition. In Mass Effect you had unlimited ammunition and had to manage your weapon from overheating. This made sense. This allowed for fast-paced and great combat. It’s the future after all, and ammunition shouldn’t exist. In Mass Effect 2 they changed it and added ammunition and called it an “innovation to prevent weapons from overheating”. That ought to be the most retarded thing that I have ever heard. They went back technology-wise and implemented this gamebreaking feature. It really is gamebreaking. I did not enjoy Mass Effect 2 as much as I did enjoy Mass Effect because of this and it still is here in Mass Effect 3. Real shitty move, BioWare.

I won’t be picking Mass Effect 3 up as I feel it’s stray too far off its roots. The ammunition still remains there and cripples the action and excitement and futuristic feel, and the more action-orientated concept is not what I wanted. It basically felt like Mass Effect 2 with new levels and an added co-op mode against the AI. In 2012, I expect far more from a concluding trilogy. Unfortunately.

Commander, you’ll have to do without me this time. Sorry.


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