Arsenal – Milan

Milan are traveling to the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday with a comfortable 4-0 lead and have everything speaking in their favor that they’ll go onto the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

My hopes for this match is that Milan rest Ibrahimovic and use Pato instead. Also focus heavily on playing boring defensive soccer with only one counter-striker tactic. Why waste more than necessary, right? I feel that if Milan go through Arsenal, we’ll go all the way to the finals and there, it’s all up to how well Ibrahimovic play with Robinho and Boateng whether we win or not.

“Of course we’ll win. I’m playing, what are you thinking with?”


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3 Responses to “Arsenal – Milan”

  1. Gentle Man Says:

    Well, I actually wanted Gunners to win in the first match, that would be greatest gift for Henry before his comeback to USA. It’s going to be a good match.

  2. thegeeman Says:

    My Gunners have to score a ton to win and shut out Milan. Robinho is pkaying very well but you guys had a huge let down in your last match. Milan should have won. that was a goal.

    • CrazyBest Says:

      Yeah, thanks mate, I agree. It was just ironic that it was against Juventus, and the the referee stood perfectly, and yet said no goal. XD

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