No PvP in Diablo III at launch

Shocking news has stricken the world of Diablo. Jay Wilkinson, lead producer, has officially confirmed that there’ll be no PvP at launch. That’s right. You’ll only be able to play PvE until they patch it in later.

This news is truly shocking in my eyes. I mean, the game is already severely delayed, and has been in beta test for almost half a year now. And they never considered to add PvP to it to try it out to see how it would play out? Oh, that’s right, the game’s balancing is solely based on PvE, I remember Jay, but come on, zero attention to PvP?

They had to restructure the entire Demon Hunter class due to balancing issues. They scrapped major gameplay mechanics. They remade a lot of things and tweak so many more. Diablo III before the beta test must have been a disaster. And it still looks like a disaster with the wrong attitude. And now the announcement about no PvP at launch is just a catastrophe in my eyes. The old godlike Blizzard seem to be no more, at least when it comes to the Diablo team.

What are your thoughts about Blizzard not including PvP at launch? I bet you Blizzard fanboys who kiss their ass will say “it doesn’t matter, there’ll be so much PvE content that before you get through it all there’ll be PvP” or “It’s better they remove it and make it ‘perfect’ before releasing it, otherwise you’d just complain!” I mean come on, no one, not even the most blind and fanatic fanboys can defend this.

No Diablo III PvP Arena at launch. Sponsored by Jay Wilkinson.


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