I never made it back to Azeroth

For those following my blog regularly, you might know that I received the scroll of resurrection invitation from a friend that gave me Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm expansion packs for free, plus seven days playtime, and as well a character boosted to level 80 automatically. And I said that I’d give Azeroth a try during that period while exploring the contents of Cataclysm. So what happened?

I installed the game. I started it up. I began my journey in Azeroth once more and I immediately felt sick to my stomach. It felt so incredibly old (and it is incredibly old) and just disgusting. I thought, perhaps the Player versus Player aspect of the game (which is what I love the most in games) might be different but no. Still it’s the same ancient and completely played-to-death warzones Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch. I played Warsong Gulch and I got sick in my stomach again. I was disgusted. It is the exact same shit I played seven years ago. Pathetic. Not a single new CTF map has been added.

I don’t know why, but for some reason I queued up for another PvP match and I got stuck with Alterac Valley. Same shit again, except that players don’t play it properly and instead try to ninja the last bases in order to win as quickly as possible. A completely broken system and so ancient I got sick to my stomach once again. I couldn’t even bare myself to finish that PvP match because it was complete shit. The game is complete shit. I quit after an hour and I will never touch it again. I used one hour out of the seven days I got. It’s that bad.

Playing World of Warcraft again made me realize just how much more I love Star Wars: The Old Republic. A game with a story, and fully voiced quests. Though it may not be perfect, or close to it, it’s still vastly superior to World of Warcraft in every possible way. And with the direction Blizzard are moving with both WoW and Diablo III, I am starting to think, are the good old Blizzard dead?

Once, this game brought me unlimited joy. Now, it makes me sick.


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