The Ultimate Fighter: Cruz vs. Faber

Yet another season of The Ultimate Fighter has begun and this one is a unique one. In what way you ask? It’s shot live. Well, at least the fights are. So all the training and the looks of the people are current and not several months outdated like all previous seasons. A much needed change if you ask me.

Those who follow me regularly know that I have been complaining a bit about the last few The Ultimate Fighter seasons. So I truly appreciate the change that they made now. It keeps it fresh and more interesting. It makes it more fun to watch for some reason, I don’t know why, but it just does.

The coaches are two fantastic fighters that I like both. Cruz and Faber. Although for this season I am cheering for Cruz as he is my favorite over Faber, although I still like Faber a lot, Cruz is just more amazing in my eyes. The first two episodes started off real nice and I always learn something new watching this show which is the main reason I watch it in fact. And for the fights, of course.

Do you follow The Ultimate Fighter? If so, who’s team are you on? Team Cruz or Team Faber?

The 15th season of The Ultimate Fighter looks to be something special.


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