I love Vikings and Norse mythology. I love gladiators. I love the good old days. My hype for Pathfinder was mixed. It was huge because of its promising story of great powerful conquering vikings, and it was a little skeptic as I didn’t know anything about the producer or any other movies he had done.

If you’re looking for a different Viking movie that has violence, excitement, and conquering then look no further. Pathfinder is your movie. It is a story about a left behind Viking boy who gets raised by the Native Indians in America 600 years before Columbus conquered the land.

There’s really not much more to say, other than see it. I saw it on Blu-ray and the quality was superb. Perhaps not the best-looking Blu-ray out there but still, you get the point. I must say the authenticity of the storyline and atmosphere of this movie were godlike. The Vikings spoke in their native tongue and I was glued to my seat throughout the movie and especially when the Vikings appeared. Real nice job by the director and writers.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The best Viking flick I’ve ever seen.


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