EU Gaming Has Expanded

I remember when I was a little boy playing on EU servers in the Diablo II and Counter-Strike days. Back then, the only people that I encountered were Swedes,  Brits, Finns, Norwegians, Germans, and occasionally French/Spaniards from time to time. But there was a clear pattern of Scandinavian dominance along with the Germans and Brits. Now however, it’s totally different story.

Now during my adventures in Star Wars: The Old Republic and Dota 2, I rarely see the English language being used any more on EU servers. Before it was almost always used 24:7, except for the occasional German invasion from time to time, but that was rare. Never in General Chats did the Germans use German though, they had manners and tried their best in English.

It has become clear that the developing nations such as Russia and Ukraine have “finally” gotten computers that can run games and connections to the Internet. They’re everywhere now. With zero respect to English speaking players everywhere I look. In Star Wars, they spam general chats and party chats in Russian. In Dota 2 they spam the EU general chat in Russian with Russian symbols. And in-game as well. They don’t even bother to attempt to try English in there. They just do their own thing and don’t give a fuck about the fact that they’re on English servers.

It has gotten so bad, that I am playing US servers in Dota 2 to avoid Russians. The first thing I do is leave the EU general chat and only search for games in the US to avoid as many Russians as possible. But even that isn’t enough, they appear there to as nobody wants to game with them. And Scandinavia has gotten the bad fortune to be teamed up in “lanes” with Eastern European + Russia in the EU sector of Dota 2, while the west of EU has gotten their own. Needless to say, Scandinavians will be seeing shit loads of Russian lettering and “xaxaxaxa )”.

What are your thoughts about using native language on public servers?

Welcome to the “European” chat. This is how most “EU” servers are now. Russians completely raping them.


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