For those wondering, no, I will not be picking up the upcoming MMORPG, TERA.

There are several reasons to this, some of them I already mentioned in my hands-on impression post during the beta. Firstly because I have Star Wars and Dota 2 that take all my gaming time and they’re both still highly enjoyable.

Secondly, there was too much grinding in TERA and it wasn’t fully voiced, hence rendering the story completely uninteresting, and let’s face it, without an interesting story, there’s not much in an RPG.

Maybe one summer when there’s absolutely nothing to do and TERA costs $10 and is free-to-play I might pick it up to have some random fun nights with a friend, but I don’t foresee it ever happening. My focus will be with Diablo III instead, which comes out the same exact month. Bad move for TERA in my eyes.

The world of TERA is a beautiful one. Especially the female aspect of it.


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