Handheld consoles? No thanks.

I used to enjoy handheld gaming consoles. I had a blast with my Gameboy and Pokémon and I also had a blast with my DS Lite and the Ace Attorney series. I say enjoy, because I’ve always preferred the computer over handhelds, but with the Ace Attorney series I had some godlike fun. However, those days are long gone.

I have zero interest in the new PS Vita. Zero interest in the new 3DS. I mean, sure, they look cooler than any other handheld console before, but that meaning has changed a lot. With my iPhone I get all the fix I need for my on-road gaming. Sure, the games might not be as “deep” as the Sony/Nintendo counterparts, but they’re getting there. I think GTA 3 and Max Payne and the coming Infinity Blade: Dungeons shows just that.

So why the hate? Well, let’s be honest. It’s a hassle to bring them. They’re big. They’re ugly. It’s simply too unpractical for me to bring them anywhere but for a long flight. My iPhone on the other hand, I bring with me everywhere and all the time. It has a great camera and great power. It looks sexy and it’s a natural fit. Can’t say the same thing about the 3DS and Vita. They are awkward and I wouldn’t use it outside my house or except on a plane. Simple as that.

I think many more people feel this way. I think smartphones will eventually replace all handheld gaming devices very soon. In fact, I believe it might even happen next generation. The poor PS Vita sales could mean that this is Sony’s last console. And what could be the reason for the poor sales? I believe smartphones. The 3DS had a similar scenario until they dropped the price by a massive 33%. And it’s it not selling as well as the DS Lite did.

What are your thoughts on the future of handheld gaming?

I’m sure it could offer some great hours of gaming, but I’m simply not interested and it’s too much of a hassle any way.


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2 Responses to “Handheld consoles? No thanks.”

  1. Guardian Hero Says:

    I have a smart phone, but it’s too busy to play games. It’s filled with apps that I need for navigation and social networking, and its CPU is working full-time. I couldn’t even use my favourite animated wallpaper any more, because it reduced the battery life. I tried putting a game onto it and it overheated! No thanks.

    Sure, there are smartphones like the Hitachi WOOO, that deliver 3D visuals without the stupid glasses, but as a game system, my 3DS gives me gaming experiences that you’ll never have on an iPhone, without overheating or making me run for a charging plug when I need to send texts or receive a call. Plus, it’s no trouble for me to carry around a lot of devices (phone, a couple of game systems, a personal recorder for interviews or voice notes while on the move), since I used to trundle around an original Game Boy when I was little, and back then, that thing weighed more than a hefty lunch!

    That and exclusive games like Kid Icarus: Uprising are must-haves for any kind of gamer. Frankly, I believe that that particular game is going to be remembered as one of the defining moments of this generation as far as storytelling and compelling gameplay go, and you’re guaranteed never to see it on your iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile Device. Of course, if you’re lucky, some ambitious indie dev with a lot of free time on his hands might come up with a simple knockoff of it, and that might be fine for you. Since you’ll never play the original KIU, the knockoff will look like pure gold against all the other App Store offerings.

    Not to slam phone-gaming, but a general purpose device can never measure up to a dedicated one. That’s why sporfs haven’t taken over our kitchens.

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