199 hours with Dota 2

Closing in on the 200 hour mark in Dota 2, I can’t help myself but to be amazed by the product in front me. I remember my initial skepticism towards it, but that’s all gone entirely and Dota 2 is by far the best game I’ve played in the past decade, and it will continue to improve with more depth as it’s just in beta and not even out yet.

I have been tracking my progress and skill level since I first started and the evolution is heart warming. I’ve improved dramatically over the 199 hours that I’ve played. Add to that also all the broadcasts that I’ve been watching of professional esport teams and whatnot, and I am growing into a formidable opponent. I estimated that I’d hit 300 hours before summer and it looks to be a spot-on prediction.

Do I have some suggestions for Valve after spending so much time with the game? Sure I do. I’d like to see a deeper and more thorough performance system. I don’t know why they changed it to a more shallow one. I want to see exactly how many matches I won with a hero and how many I lost in a simple and effective way. I want to see how I performed in each match quickly and I want to be able to find all my replays under a “replay” sections somewhere. I want more information on what skill bracket you get placed in.

Other than that I am fairly content for the moment. I’d like to thank Valve for inviting me to the closed beta of Dota 2 as it has given me a many hours of entertainment and is the perfect way to prepare for when the game releases. It’ll be fun to destroy new players that didn’t make it to the beta. Do you play the Dota 2 beta? What are your thoughts on it? Do you plan to play the final game upon release?


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5 Responses to “199 hours with Dota 2”

  1. gameshoes Says:

    I’m one of those F2P people stuck to League of Legends. What do you like about dota 2 that LoL lacks?

    • CrazyBest Says:

      All heroes unlocked from start. Beautiful graphics and sound effects. Superior design overall. Best match-making system I’ve seen. And it’s only in beta and will evolve greatly.

      LoL looks like a flash game from Facebook. I tried it for one match, and I couldn’t finish it because of its horrible design and looks. It felt so insanely primitive and ugly that I couldn’t. I really tried.

      Dota 2 is just too beautiful artistically and it will have the biggest esport support with great broadcasters like Tobiwan and Valve will sponsor massive tournaments. Dota 2 will be the game to be at.

  2. gameshoes Says:

    Thank you for you response, I’ll keep it in mind when I look up DOTA 2.

  3. Sprinks Says:

    Similar to gameshoes, I’ve been stuck in LoL. I think the barrier for entry is lower in League, and the the learning curve is much more forgiving. I’m terrible at DOTA 2. Most of the time, I enter a match and the bots absolutely demolish me. I also often get in a game where people drop out and it’s left to me and one other guy to win out, which nearly always ends in an epic failure.

    I’d be interested to know your thoughts on what it was like when you first started and what you’ve done to improve.

    • CrazyBest Says:

      I spent a lot of time playing Dota (the first one) so the curve for me was significantly smaller. Besides that I watch professional esport teams and study them and adapt. I have always been very competitive, so I always strive to improve myself, despite my skillbase, I still improve. Over the 200+ hours I played, I’ve changed my game dramatically and increased my skill level.

      So my tips would be to watch professional players and try to learn the game and understand its core mechanics and then dwell deeper into it as you feel ready.

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