Diablo III Impressions

Well, I’ve finally managed to finish the Diablo III beta and try all the classes and can now come with some solid impressions.

My initial reaction reeks of disappointment. I mean, this is supposed to be the sequel to Diablo II, the greatest game of all times in my eyes. Naturally, my expectations were beyond the roof. And I am sad to say that Blizzard failed to deliver on almost all of them.

Diablo III is insanely over-simplified. You cannot put any stats on your character, it’s automatic. You can’t identify items anymore, it’s automatic. You can’t pick from different skill trees as you see fit, there are four skills in different categories predetermined and you can only pick one from each category, such as one out of the four defense skills. The graphics in terms of environment and atmosphere are brilliant. I truly love them and the mood the game sets is astounding. However, character design in terms of beauty and processing power look old and dull. You tell me with a straight face that the male Wizard doesn’t resemble Orlando Bloom. Go ahead. I dare ya.

So it goes without saying that Diablo III will never become the sequel I’m looking for. It will never be as tough and punishing as Diablo II was. Without depth, esport focus, PvP focus, and without PK it just cannot happen. That’s not saying though that the game is bad. Because it isn’t. It just wont’ beat the best game of all times and become a 10/10 masterpiece. This is quite sad in my eyes. RIP Blizzard? It could very well be. Project Titan better be something that makes Guild Wars 2 look like a Facebook game.

Will I still buy it? Most likely because of my love for the franchise and that I want to see Diablo die once more. But I’m sure the game will receive less than a 100 hours of total time. And I expected 1000 hours. That’s how much my hype has gone down. Instead of dreaming of Diablo every day like I expected, I am instead dreaming of Dota 2 and Guild Wars 2. Something has gone wrong indeed. However, I am sure some blind fans will defend Diablo III as the perfect game despite its lack of core features of the franchise.

To sum it up:

  • Mixed graphical achievements
  • Insanely primitive and dumbed-down
  • Zero depth
  • Instantly felt old
  • Real poor decisions in terms of the games PvP and PK direction

Here are some self-taken screenshots.


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2 Responses to “Diablo III Impressions”

  1. Sprinks Says:

    It’s a bit surprising to read your reactions… I think, as you mentioned, the expectations were through the roof to begin with and that only lead to disappointment. I think that there will be lots of this across the player base.

    For me though, I came into D3 thinking of it as a new game and trying to keep an open mind. I, too, played D1 & D2, but knew that in today’s environment, Blizzard would never recreate the hardcore madness that was D2. I think the days of games like that are (unfortunately) coming to a close. Some of that I understand, but the other part I don’t – there is obviously a large portion of the player base that are drooling for an unforgiving experience (i.e. Dark Souls).

    In the end, I guess it’s all about making money… I definitely understand your sentiments regarding D3, but will admit to enjoying the beta when playing with a few friends. The gameplay is crisp and the environments are spectacular. I know the story will be engaging and I love a good dungeon crawl – I don’t know how I could say no to D3.

    • CrazyBest Says:

      I’m absolutely sure the game will sell millions and millions regardless, absolutely.

      And my harshness does indeed come from me considering the prequel to be the greatest game of all times.

      And it is therefore I just cannot love the game as much, because I have waited for it for over 10 years and I get this? It just wasn’t enough.

      I think you are right that the days of games like that are gone. Everything has to be as simple as possible now to satisfy as large group as possible for the money, like you said. I completely agree.

      I will 99% still pick it up for the sake of it. Although, I think I’ll pick Witch Doctor as he felt most unique in terms of gameplay and experience. All the other classes felt like I’ve been there before. OK, sure, the Monk felt relatively new as fell but I got Paladin vibes from him. Witch Doctor on the other hand, felt like a cool hybrid of Warlock, Mage, and Necromancer and yet at the same time new.

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