The Avengers 3D (Spoilers)

My expectations were relatively high, I must admit. I mean, why wouldn’t they be after seeing good flicks like Iron Man and Captain America? The Avengers could’ve been something truly magic and beautiful. Instead, it was predictable, drawn out, and a cliché.

The story was rather generic and dragged out. Loki invades earth. Takes special weapon. Avengers need to get weapon back. Then the standard of up and downs of team spirit and all that obvious arise. Tony Stark and Thor made the movie no doubt. Their jokes was the only true light and some occasional comments from Loki as well.

With so many heroes, I expected a lot of fighting and deaths. Unfortunately there was only one death. Loki’s general/tactician needs to be fired. I mean, he invades New York City in broad daylight with an ALIEN ARMY carrying ALIEN WEAPONS and not a single human dies? Bullshit. That just does not happen. Sure, after fighting a few minutes and whatnot people would start hiding and evacuating the city, but as it happened now, at least several hundreds of thousands of people would have been killed and if the aliens were smart enough they’d taken out massive buildings and caused true chaos. But now since the Avengers were so “superior” and so little chaos was created, the movie just felt like a fairy tale where no bad things could possibly happen.

Needless to say, I am deeply disappointed. With a fairy tale story where nobody dies, and the standard setup of hero movies these days, The Avengers is nothing more than just another superhero movie. And not even an impressive one I might add considering its potential with so many great superheroes.

Rating: 3 out of 5

With heroes like that, the movie should have been mind-blowing.


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One Response to “The Avengers 3D (Spoilers)”

  1. CrazyBest Says:

    A very weak three might I add.

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