Hero: Zeus

Hero of the Week is…. Zeus! Ba-dum-tssss. That’s right. The god of lightning. And indeed he is that in Dota 2 as well.

Zeus is a ganker. Well, kind of, in my eyes at least. He has the ultimate ability to kill steal from his allies with his lightning that hits all enemy heroes regardless of where they are on the map. And if they are at low hp threshold, they will die. Playing Zeus right can be very contributing to the team, playing him wrong can make him completely useless so he’s an interesting choice for sure.

My last run with Zeus resulted in a kill/death ratio of 2:0 for me and I assisted in many ganks and had over 20 assists. It was a good run and I will spend more time with him to see whether or not he truly is something for me.

What are your thoughts on Zeus?

“Thunderous applauds!”


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