Milan lose Serie A title

Yesterday Milan lost 2-4 to Inter Milan to make it official that Juventus have out-pointed them and took the Serie A title from them. A real poor run from AC Milan this season and I am disappointed as it looks like all the other teams I wanted to win in their countries will win or already have won.

I have to say that Juventus are currently undefeated and truly deserve to win the league with a record like that. I hope that Milan pick up their slack and become the team they once were. I hope that Milan utilize the trio of Pato, Robinho and Zlatan better. And I would have liked to have Cassano in top form as he missed out more than half of the season due to a serious injury and could have been that vital difference between victory or draw as he is a great assist player.

What are your thoughts fellow Milanistas? A very dull season, but second place and being the only competitive team in Italy for the title along with a quarter-final matchup in Champions League isn’t too horrible. But not enough, obviously.

Didn’t win a single thing this season. I am not impressed with his performance.


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