Only one game purchase in 2012

It looks like I will only purchase one game this year. And it will be enough to keep me occupied for the entire year. Read on.

With Diablo III being scratched off my list after my trying out the beta for a few hours and listening to some developer diaries of the game, I have decided I simply cannot support something like that. It goes against everything I believe, and I will speak with the only thing they listen to: my wallet. A loyal customer for the past decade is now gone. I know I am not alone in doing so. Here’s hoping… Diablo 4 won’t suck?

I already bought Guild Wars 2 through the pre-purchase program to assure my beta access during the weekends and whatnot. Plus the headstart, obviously. With Guild Wars 2 not having a subscription fee, I will be playing it on and off a lot with Neptune and a lot of friends for many hours of fun PvP and adventures in Tyria.

What about Dota 2? The best game in over a decade? Well, you might not remember but it was confirmed to become free-to-play and that means I won’t have to spend a single cent to play it. I’ve already crossed the 300-hour mark in the beta and I don’t dare to guess how many hours I will spend on the final product later on. But I know for sure Dota 2 will become my most played game this year and probably even ever.

It was indeed a shocker for me too, realizing that I’d only spend $60 for the entire year for gaming pleasure. What about Star Wars: The Old Republic? I have decided not to renew my subscription once it runs out. It would have ran out in May if I didn’t get those 30 additional days for free, so now it goes on until mid-June, and that’s more than enough to get my last fix and retire the game. I had a wonderful time playing it and the seven months were good ones, but it just doesn’t have that lasting appeal to go on for many years. Will I come back? Who knows. I will most likely return if there comes out an expansion pack with several new planets, increased level cap, new races and a new class. But that isn’t likely to come this year anyway.

What does your gaming shopping list look like for this year?

My only game purchase this year. Wow. Who’d thought that?


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