The road to a better body

It has begun! Well, actually it started a few weeks ago, like two or three. My definition season, that is. I will continue a strict and balanced diet along with a vigorous exercise routine until late July to see what kind of results I can get for the beach.

Right now my training program consists of several things: Muay Thai, weight training, power walking, and also recently very little yoga. In addition I use P90X from time to time to spice it up or when I am short on time and I can’t find the time.

I know my goal perfectly well. It will be very interesting to see whether or not I can achieve and be “satisfied” with my body. Of course, no one is perfectly happy with their body these days, but I like to at least try to tune it in the right direction so to speak, especially after having a successful bulk period.

Feel free to share your routines and goals for the summer or even next summer!

Are you ready for Beach 2012?


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