UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir

It’s fight week again. But enough talking, let’s break down the card as it’s a highly interesting one.

Junior Dos Santos vs. Frank Mir

For the Heavyweight title Dos Santos takes on Frank Mir as Alistair Overeem failed his drug test. Frank Mir is the right stand-in in my opinion and a worthy challenger. Dos Santos is the best boxer in the division now and his weakness is clearly the ground game. That’s where Mir comes in. He is the best submission artist in the heavyweight division by far and it will be an interesting match-up as it’s ground versus standing up. Which side is stronger? Impossible to say. The fight will rely much on luck and who imposes his game better. I expect it to go to Dos Santos if Mir is too slow to take him down or even unsuccessful at it. Not discarding Mir’s stand up either, but I just believe Dos Santos out boxes him for sure. If it goes to the ground I expect Mir to win by submission.

Antonio Silva vs. Cain Velasquez

Silva’s debut in the UFC is indeed a hard one. The former champion Velasquez is there to greet him after losing his belt to Dos Santos. Silva is much, much bigger and Cain will have to be fast and precise as he was against Lesnar in order to win. Should Silva get in close and take him down I expect brutal ground and pound that will destroy the former champ. On the other hand, one clean hit by Cain will make the Big Foot fall down.

Dave Herman vs. Roy Nelson

Nelson is amongst my favorites. I mean, how can ya not like the guy? He has had horrible match-ups in the UFC in my opinion constantly being faced with former champion after champion right after coming in from TUF. He should have had a few fights to “warm up” in the UFC and improve. Finally he gets a match like that after three consecutive losses this is a must win situation for him or I expect to find him in Bellator or Strikeforce next match.

That covers the most interesting fights on the maincard in my eyes. But the undercard looks fantastic as well with fighters such as Dan Hardy, Diego Brandao,  Jamie Varner and Jason ‘”Mayhem” Miller fighting. Miller’s first UFC fight against Bisping was an embarrassment of performance can he turn it around? And what’s Dan Hardy still doing in the UFC after so many straight losses?

A very promising event.


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