Give me darkness

I’m sick and tired of all happy endings in movies. It all becomes too obvious and transparent. You know immediately if there are two main characters on a ship or a car or any vehicle, that they won’t die. Take The Avengers as an example, none of the heroes is allowed to kill anyone. They are not allowed to lose. Good always has to counter evil. Loki’s invasion of New York resulted in zero casualties. It’s bullshit. Give me darkness. Give me real stuff.

I want a movie where the villain is dangerous. Where he is smart and powerful. Where he can turn the world into chaos and leave the hero depressed and question his own abilities. I want depressing endings where the world ends in darkness. This all jolly bullshit is killing movies for me. I did not enjoy The Avengers at all. It was too obvious. Too transparent. Sure, there were some really funny jokes and moments, but that’s all. It’s supposed to be an action flick not comedy and comedy was its greatest strengths. That’s sad.

Why can’t there be a movie where Batman dies? Where the villain manages to kill at least one of the Avengers? Why didn’t Loki’s massive alien invasion manage to kill a single New Yorker? I mean, did you see the size of the flying alien monsters? Their hi-tech future alien weapons? Pathetic. How can someone enjoy it? How are you enjoying shallow crap like that? Please tell me. Because I don’t understand it.

The Dark Knight Rises will be my last chance for super hero movies. Given that the new Batman series are significantly darker than the other super hero movies, I think it might work. But I will need something more than that. The Dark Knight was a good start but The Dark Knight Rises must take the darkness even farther. I want more sadness and darkness. Give me that dark knight for real.

What are your thoughts on all these happy endings with zero casualties? Don’t you want something real? Something that is more relatable and less obvious?

Can it be even darker than Dark Knight and provide depth? And not like the cliché bullshit that was Avengers?


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2 Responses to “Give me darkness”

  1. Sprinks Says:

    I think, perhaps, that you’re missing out on the fundamental purpose of these movies. If you watch something like Kickass, you get a much more realistic (ableit still fantasized) look at superhero life.

    With something like The Avengers or The Dark Knight series, the directors / writers have some artistic freedom in the form of interpretation, but are still shackled to the source material. The reality of the situation is that the IP owners wouldn’t green light a project in which their flagship character(s) dies. How often do you see civilians hurt in comic books? It’s really rare because most people don’t have an appetite for collateral damage. In many cases, people die only to be somehow reborn in the next issue.

    While I agree that there is likely an audience for a series of movies like you mention, I don’t think they will ever come in the form of the traditional comic book movie. Granted, there are some comics out there that are much darker (The Watchmen, etc), they typically do not do as well at the box office and therefore have a harder time getting funding.

    I quite liked The Avengers, which is a very fun comic book. I think the translation from Joss Whedon was done with extreme care toward the source material and that its success is a testament to how much people want an escape when they see a movie. As far as action movies go, I cannot remember having as much fun since I watched the first Iron Man.

    • CrazyBest Says:

      Excellent point as always.

      However, I am not expressly referring to superhero movies. I wouldn’t mind an average person succumbing to darkness and drugs and being killed off, like in Basketball Diaries.

      In regards of Kickass, I agree, it was a better take, and it should have ended in a different way in my opinion, but it was an excellent step in the right direction. However, I want more of that. Iron man was a fantastic movie no doubt, I loved it. But after seeing that one, plus like 4 other superhero movies following exact same pattern, it just gets dull you know.

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