I don’t know how I found this flick, but I am glad I did. The moment I saw that Sean-William Scott was in it, I knew I had to see it.

Goon is a hockey movie with a wicked sense of humor primarily aimed at the male audience. Cursing, sex, sports, blood, fighting, yup, that’s all you’ll see in the Goon and it is a good time for sure.

It’s about a man that has a special talent for fighting. A hockey coach spots him and sends him the small city of Nova Scotia to play for their local team as their Goon. That’s all I’ll say though. It might not sound like the best story ever, but it sure as hell is a fun ride.

If you are looking for a different kind of sports movie unlike all others and for a good laugh (assuming you are a guy) then you should look no more. This is the movie for you. Could females enjoy it? Absolutely, but I don’t think they’ll enjoy it nearly as much as the guys.

Rating: out of 5


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