Project X

I have to admit the trailer was good. It was enough to sell me. I am sucker for good trailers, I confess. You show me some hot chicks and a party and I will most likely see the flick. So, Project X sold me you could say. It was suppose to be the ultimate party, after all. But was it?

Project X is the most awesome high school party movie that I have seen.  That party definitely was sicker than any other party I have seen and was indeed something that I wished I had attended. Hot naked girls everywhere, drinks, e, and well, everything you could imagine. Every guy’s dream party for sure.

If you are looking for a movie that will show some naked breasts, a lot of teenagers drinking, crazy party moments, and just a really good time, then definitely this movies for you. It doesn’t have a story nor depth but that isn’t the point either, so it’s really difficult to rate this movie. The Blu-ray didn’t really offer much in terms of picture quality – but it was OK. Definitely better than DVD (duh) and the extended edition was the first edition I saw so I can’t comment on whether the extra material made it better or worse.

I definitely recommend this flick to all the guys out there, and probably some girls will like it as well. Hands-down the ultimate party movie out there. It was one crazy ride from beginning to end. Will there be a Project X 2? That is the question.

Blu-ray picture: OK

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Hot teenage girls in bikinis are a good way to promote a movie.


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