My expectations were beyond real. I had expected movie of the year. A deep surreal story beyond comprehension and amazing atmosphere and fantastic acting and great characters that are memorable and meaningful. Unfortunately, my expectations were way too high.

Prometheus is a space shuttle going to find out some fascinating things about the creator of mankind. Clues from previous civilizations have been unraveled and some doctors and scientists are sent to a new planet to find out the ultimate truth. It sounds amazing right? Beyond belief, and it had the potential to be the greatest movie ever made. They could have thrown in so much depth and amazing characters and built a new franchise but instead it falls short on every level and delivers forgettable characters and no answers to the millions of questions it raises. Very, very unfortunate.

The atmosphere of the movie was superb until they actually landed on the new planet. The concept was amazing. One character in particular was fascinating, but then it just sort of stopped. It became dumb and the life of the characters was sucked away. We had one geologist that smoked inside his space suit and thought he was cool, a very boring and idiotic character that was not believable to be one of 17 people to discover new life in space. And then the overall life of the characters was just dull. Their reactions in the movie were dumb and some characters that were there a lot didn’t have a purpose or meaning and I was asking myself why are they even there? There was no character development at all.

Since this was a Ridley Scott I expected all those issues to be non-existent instead of being dominant. I didn’t get immersed at all in the end when the movie was suppose to be at its climax, instead I was only immersed in the beginning before the waves of disappointment start to coming over and over again. It saddens me to say it, but I really believed in this flick.

Rating: 2 out of 5

One of the dumbest decisions in the movie was to bring in this character.


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  1. Alexandra Says:

    Håller helt med dig om betyget.

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