World vs. World vs. World

Some of you may know that this weekend is the second beta weekend for the upcoming MMO, Guild Wars 2. Some of you may even be playing it. The expectations are high on this title as Star Wars has failed and died off completely except for a few servers. MMORPG:s are indeed a special genre and what I consider the be the most entertaining genre out there and my expectations for GW2 have been mixed, but now after the second weekend event I have some more thorough and clear opinions.

My initial reaction to GW2 was “good but nothing impressive” in all honesty. The combat was by far the only impressive feature along with a detailed world. Other than that, it was missing that special thing. And now, I’ve found that special thing. It’s spelled World vs. World vs. World. It’s a unique feature only in GW2 where three different servers fight for map control and resources over two weeks to be claimed victors. Now when I say massive battles, I do mean massive battles. There are literally hundreds of players on my screen when I charge the castle to take it over for my server along with dozens of other players from my servers only to have a massive army of French players trying to defend it. Millions of fire balls, arrows, and attacks are flying in a constant stream and it goes on for a many minutes until we manage to take over the castle and claim it for our own server. Now we have to either keep pushing them back or defend it. Epic. It was massive.

I was sitting there having the time of my life and time just flew by. I wanted more. I wanted to claim the entire map for my server and keep defending and fighting. It was that good. It was the truly first thing about GW2 that pow-wowed me in a big way and what sealed the deal. I will definitely be playing tons of WvWvW when GW2 comes out and I don’t foresee myself quitting that anytime soon as that was the most epic scenario I have seen in an MMO and it will only get better upon launch when playing with more friends and finalized professions.

GW2 is far from perfect, though. There are several key features missing such as a good way to queue up for PvP through one or two clicks like in Star Wars and World of Warcraft. Also, there is no duel option of any sort which is an unbelievably major miss from ArenaNet in my opinion. I mean, seriously, it’s 2012.  Other than that it’s the obvious performance issues, disconnects, and whatnot. The game as it is right now feels far from ready and it needs a lot of basic features that are standard before it releases. I would be happy to see it come out for Christmas this year, not sooner.


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