Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

It’s definitely summer where I am, don’t know about you guys, but summer means one thing for movie lovers: summer blockbusters. I thought I’d share with you my most anticipated movies of 2012.

5. The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings were epic and masterful. So well-crafted that it was just a privelege to get to see them in high-definition and blu-ray as the world came to live in a magical way. I believe in Jackson and that he will re-create Tolkien’s wonderful world again and blow away us with a special and unique adventure that will be The Hobbit.

4. Gangster Squad

I love gangsters and the classic days. There is something special about a good gangster flick and I believe Gangster Squad will be one of those memorable and classical movies. I could, of course, be wrong but I hope I am not. Obviously my expectations are very high on Penn and Gosling otherwise this flick wouldn’t have made it my top four list.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man

Spidey is getting a remake to follow the Batman series in a more mature and serious way. I love it, and it goes back to the very first original comic to do so and even takes that classical name. My expectations are mixed, but it is enough to have hope for a great product. The only question is whether or not it will be able to deliver on it.

2. The Expendables 2

I am going to be completely honest. The Expendables, while good, didn’t really satisfy me entirely. This sequel looks to do so. I mean, FINALLY, we have Van Damme, Schwarzenegger, and Stallone in ONE movie. I have waited my entire life for that. And as a bonus I also get Chuck Norris thrown in there with tons of other old school stars such as Statham, Li, and Lundgren. My expectations are to become a 10 year-old kid again and just disappear in macho land with tons of explosions and testosterone. The only reason The Expendables 2 got beaten by Dark Knight Rises was because of the fact that the first one didn’t live up to its hype. Can the second one do it?

1. The Dark Knight Rises

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were two masterpieces and I see no reason as to why Nolan’s last Batman flick will fail. My expectations are beyond real and his Batman series are a pinaccle of hope in a very boring and predictable superhero era. May the Dark Knight continue to set example of world-class story and atmosphere, and I certainly hope that more will be inspired to follow. I expect nothing less than a brilliantly orchestrated masterpiece from start to finish.

Other candidates worthy of consideration: The Bourne Legacy, Brave, Total Recall, Les Miserables.

The most amazing cast list. Ever.


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