Hero: Queen of Pain

This week we get a little sexy with the succubus from hell: Queen of Pain.

Queen of Pain is an intelligence ganker and inflicts massive damage real fast and is an essential player for any team and a very dangerous foe if the players knows how to play her.

Unfortunately she has some real hard counters so I would recommend picking her last. If you do, go middle with a bottle and roam around for domination ganks and your team will love you. Be sure to farm up real good and get proper gear to be as a big asset you can.

I love her because of her dominant attitude and her sexy voice. Damn it, she’s seduced he, hasn’t she? But overall she feels and plays great and is definitely a hero I plan on improving significantly as I keep improving my overall skill level.

Thoughts on this beautiful and dangerous Queen?

“I love your new piercing!”


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