Disney’s major blockbuster movie for the summer is Brave, and I just had to see it. Is it as good as Tangled? Read to find out!

The first thing that struck my eye with Brave was its beautiful animation quality. It was by far the best that I have ever seen. The hair looks real and so did the forest in the beginning, and the heavy focus on female characters and heroes made this a different flick from what we are used to.

Brave’s strength is the above mentioned, it has a unique story focusing on the female audience and I was actually interested in finding out how it would play out and where it would go. There were some good emotional scenes and a lot of laughing moments that made it complete.

However, I still feel that Tangled was a stronger movie as it had that true classical feel to it that Brave didn’t because it chose to have such a unique story unlike all others. This is a movie where the girls shine and are in-focus.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The star of Brave.


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One Response to “Brave”

  1. murrrrre Says:

    Den här vill jag se 😀

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