Hero: Anti-Mage

This week we are staying far away from magic. In fact, we are going anti-magic. You guessed right, this week the hero of the week is none other than Anti-Mage.

This agility carry hero has mana burn and massive damage if he gets farmed up right and played right. Add his blink and he is a deadly enemy that only a few heroes can escape from. If you have heroes that crave mana and face this foe – be prepared to die or play significantly different than you planned as you’ll always be low on mana.

I really like the Anti-Mage because of his speed and concept of hating magic and focusing on raw hits along with a powerful ultimate that affects all nearby heroes as well. I haven’t spent as much time as I’d like with Anti-Mage, but it will keep giving him more and more time as I evovle my style with all other heroes. Can this game ever get boring? I don’t think so.

What are your thoughts on Anti-Mage?

“They who live by the wand, shall die by my blade.”


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