The Amazing Spider-Man

One of my most anticipated movies of the year is finally here – The Amazing Spider-man. Is it better than the previous three ones that were extremely mediocre? Read below to find out.

With this flick Spider-man goes back to his comic book roots and goes for a deeper and more serious look. I get the feeling that The Dark Knight was a huge inspiration and source for this movie and that they want to attract the same emotions, and that is no easy challenge to do as those flicks were masterful.

The Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t exactly as dark and grim as The Dark Knight and Batman Begins, but it certainly takes on a more serious and cocky attitude than the previous flicks. And I love it. The new Peter Parker is more realistic and relatedable than the previous ones. The story telling is done in a better way. Everything is new and improved and it has gone back to its roots as it should have.

It is apparent that we are watching a young Spider-Man that still is finding himself and that this is only movie one out of many. However, usually beginning are slow and dull – this wasn’t the case for Spider-Man. This revamp is something he needed and I believe it will continue to deliver greatness.

It had some solid action scenes, humor, adventure, and a mix between seriousness and casual. It wasn’t quite what I had expected from it, but that doesn’t mean it was bad. Because it wasn’t. It was amazing.

Rating: 4 out 5


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