Battlefield 4 Leaked

EA aren’t the most flawless company in the world, we all know that. Just recently they managed to leak Battlefield 4 through a pre-order deal on their Origin service.

As it looks now, Battlefield 4 is slated for Q4 2013 and that news has gotten a lot of people saying “RIP DICE” and that EA has killed off yet another studio.

I disagree. Battlefield 3 was released in 2011, and will by 2013 be out for two whole years. Yes, Battlefield 3 is only recently becoming balanced and full with content and felt very rushed at launch. What’s my point? That several years of development doesn’t make a game perfect. This two-year cycle EA have for Battlefield now might very well work great and only time will tell.

Battlefield 3 has content promised to early 2013 and then they’re done with adding map packs and content for it, obviously to focus on BF4 coming out later that year. I think some Premium members might be upset, but looking at how Call of Duty is releasing their games annually and with happy customers, I don’t see why EA cannot do the same.

By alternating Medal of Honor and Battlefield series bi-annually, I think EA might have something good going. I mean, who the fuck plays Medal of Honor anyway, right? That means you’ll have two years of game value per Battlefield release and that’s a good deal in my books. So maybe I didn’t play BF3 as much as I thought, which makes the BF4 announcement a positive one for me.

I’m willing to give DICE another shot with BF4 before becoming really skeptical of EA forever. And what’s up with the $69.99 price? Are EA trying to increase the standard game pricing? Judging from fan reaction, it’s the wrong move.



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